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Trail Blazer Touchdown Club (TBTC)

Please join and be part of the Trail Blazer Touchdown Club for the 2022 football season.

Your investment as a member of the Trail Blazer Touchdown Club helps in providing the following for the Trailblazer players:

1. Overall support and awareness of the Trail Blazer Football Program

2. Financing for programs and the needs outside of traditional budgets and funding which includes the following:

Game Day Programs, Trail Bazer Tunnel, Field House Signage, Pictures,

Booster Events, Tailgates, etc.;

3. Promote friendship and team spirit among parents/families; and

4. Provide a fun and rewarding experience for all.


Reached 2021 Goals! Awarded 5 scholarships! must be a member of the booster club all 4 years to be eligible for the scholarship. Thank you for your SUPPORT!

2023 GOALS

Senior Scholarship Program - For our boys and all future Trail Blazer football players.

Signage - Additional Field House signage and Trail Blazer branding

throughout the football facilities.

Trailer Wrap–Provide a new wrap for the football trailer to showcase our pride!

$75.00 – Trail Blazer Special!!! Must Pay by October 31, 2023.

Family Membership (Rally Towel and a Car Window Decal).

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